Denis Guidone’s new watch for Projects references a Kandinsky artwork

The latest watch from American brand Projects takes its unusual dial design from a drawing produced in the 1920s by influential Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky.

The Diagram 17 watch features striking graphic elements that combine curved forms and straight lines.


The Diagram 17 watch dial features geometric elements but no numerals or indices

Milan-based designer Denis Guidone based these elements on a drawing of the same name by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky – who is credited as one of the first abstract painters in history.

The Diagram 17 drawing was originally published in 1926 in Kandinsky’s landmark essay, Point and Line to Plane.


The hands of the watch are formed from two black lines of varying thicknesses, which turn independently of one another to create a constantly changing composition.

Three thinner lines are static on the dial, while two half-circles follow the hours hand.

Now available to buy from Dezeen Watch Store, Diagram 17 comes with a black stainless-steel case and a thick silicone strap. The dial is available in either black or white.

The watch is based on Wassily Kandinsky’s Diagram 17, which comes from his essay Point and Line to Plane

Diagram 17 is Guidone’s second watch for Projects to directly reference abstract art.

His Suprematism timepiece – also available from Dezeen Watch Store – pays homage to an art movement of the same name, which is defined by bold shapes and colours.

Also designed by Denis Guidone, Suprematism is an homage to the art movement of the same name
Also designed by Denis Guidone, Suprematism is an homage to the art movement of the same name

Projects produces a wide range of household items designed by internationally renowned architects. But, since its founding in 1990, it has established a reputation for experimental, design-led watchmaking.

Other timepieces by the brand include Scallop by the late Michael Graves and Kiura Chronograph by Italian designer Alessio Romano.

by Trudie Carter

Source: de zeen